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Craig Moody

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Craig Moody 2007 & 2013

When Craig Marks first asked me to write a testimonial for the new Xcelerate Training website my first thought was, “How do I put into a short paragraph the incredible importance Craig’s training methods are to my life without the paragraph becoming a novel?” followed by “How can I authentically compliment Craig using compliments I have professionally received without coming across as just complimenting myself?”.  Then I realized, it is all one in the same and that there is no better way to give an honest testimonial for Craig Mark’s personal training methods than to simply report the industry feedback I have received when presenting his “product” in a professional setting.

Standing before two internationally known photographers for a recent charity calendar photo shoot, both of whom work with successful models from all around the globe, it was both incredibly inspiring and gratifying to hear them describe and assess my physique as “the perfect body”, how the “muscle size and shape are perfect, the build and overall aesthetics the visual definition of a statuesque masculine body”.  ”You don’t look like just another guy with muscles, the details of your build are incredible,” I was told by these two professionals who have worked with some of the most celebrated and sought-after male models in the industry.  For me to stand out to them was not only an overwhelming professional confidence boost, but a valid, sincere and direct testimonial to the tremendously successful, unique, and brilliant approach Craig Mark’s has to physique sculpting.

I was not born with this body and I would certainly not be standing before any cameras without having remained in the careful eye and training hands of Craig Marks.  No matter your goals, be it to slim down, build up, endurance train or to just get into shape, Craig Marks and Xcelerate Training can and will get you there.  If you are willing to put in the required discipline and dedication, Craig and his qualified team will accurately guide you to and far beyond your goal and overall expectations.  Six years ago and nearly 50 pounds lighter, I would have never dreamed that I would one day be told that I had the “perfect body” by the modeling industry, but Craig Marks did, he believed in me and made it all into a reality.  He is family to me and I owe him so much on both a personal and professional level.  If you want results, stop searching, Craig Marks and Xcelerate Training are where you will achieve success, I am living proof.

Erin Engwall

Erin 2012

Erin 2012


I began training with Craig Marks in 2012 and the proof is in his training methods and my photos to the left and below.  Craig will tailor a workout to your specific needs and goals. He pushes you to be your best and work your hardest, building your confidence and making you feel at ease. This isn’t an exercise-until-you-vomit environment. It’s about pushing your boundaries, moving past your limitations, and having a blast! It’s a non-traditional and fun workout!

Erin 2013

Erin 2013




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