Xcelerated Training & Fat Loss Results!



Welcome to Xcelerate Training! It’s time to put an end to all that boring and repetitious cardio! The Xcelerate Metabolic Circuit reaps results in 30 minutes and keeps you burning calories for 24 hours after your workout.

Xcelerate Training is operated by Craig Marks, CPT, ATC, CSCS, – one of South Florida’s top personal trainers for the past 23 years. His knowledge, experience, training style and personality sets him apart from most other clinicians and trainers nationwide.

Craig’s fitness philosophy incorporates:
– A combination of high intensity muscular training
– Central nervous system training
– Cardiovascular efficiency
– Balanced nutrition, proper eating habits & supplementation

Come see what the Circuit Training buzz and
Metabolic Fat Burn is all about! Get results in only 30 minutes!


The founder of Xcelerate Training – Craig Marks, is an internationally known name in fitness training. His background in Physical Therapy, Kinesiology, Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology, as well as Craig’s dynamic approach to creating innovative challenges, is a big reason why.

Because every client responds differently to exercise programs, at Xcelerate Training we tailor each workout with the client’s health and personal goals in mind.

Xcelerate Training utilizes the latest research in the fields of Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Sports Science, Sport Psychology, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our designed workouts are enjoyable and challenging. No two workouts are ever the same!

Craig Marks has preached fitness for Parkinson’s Disease for years now; studies have proven it works.

We know exercise is good for us, and for people living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), it’s a must. Craig Marks has been emphasizing this now for 20 years; how exercise should be considered a standard part of treatment. Beyond the benefits to physical health and mood, new research in animals shows that physical exercise may even protect the health of existing dopamine (brain) cells in animals, and the same may be true for humans. Read More…


If you have any questions about fitness training and Parkinson’s Disease, please reach Craig Marks at 954-707-9175 or send any emails to him at: craig@xceleratetraining.com. Craig is a wealth of knowledge and is recognized by the Parkinson’s Disease Association, Cleveland Clinic and many more regarding his knowledge about Parkinson’s fitness.